Product Design

enCAD Technologies will quickly take your ideas from concept, to detailed design and prototype.
We do DFM to ensure the design we come up with can be manufactured. ​There is a risk in launching any new product. So how do you spot the concept that has the most potential, and then position it successfully?

We help you identify the gaps in the market, design and test your concepts in line with your target audience, and optimize your product positioning.
Our solutions support you across three critical stages:

Idea Development By monitoring and integrating the latest consumer and market trends, we identify important white spaces. We help you create and design ideas that are in line with market opportunities, and run idea screening to filter the most favorable options. .

Product / service positioning and optimization We examine your product concept, pricing and packaging to maximize their potential from both a market and an operational perspective.
Added to this, we continuously track consumer retail activity in certain industry groups, to identify what is currently successful, where and at what price. Innovation roadmap We look ahead to see when and where is best to launch your new products, assessing the market and brand readiness and highlighting your optimum consumer segments.

 enCAD Technologies will quickly take your idea from concept, to detail design, to prototype. We do DFM to ensure design we made is acceptable for manufacturing.


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