Cad Migration

CAD Translation, Data Migration & CAD Re-mastering CAD Translation Services We can translate many contemporary native CAD formats to IGES, STEP or JT or to other CAD native formats.
Data Migration Services In most industries, skilled R&D team will be dedicated to make new designs; where as the designed CAD files need manufacturing drawing which consume time. Also it is a tedious task for those who wants to do the core of the designs (scientist). We do the layman jobs to make your time productive.

We offer advise, planning, project management and completion of small and large scale data migration projects.

      .  CAD Re-modelling & Re-mastering Original modelling from engineering specifications.
      .  Re-mastering for new CAD systems. CAD repairs and rebuilds following data Migration.
      .  CAD management and integration for compliance with other systems.      
      .  Repair and rebuild to meet data quality (PDQ) requirements.

We enable your company substantially reduce its costs by performing in a responsible and sustainable fashion low added-value tasks and non-core processes (Industrial design drafting).


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