enCAD Technologies Engineering Design services provide solutions throughout the product development lifecycle providing integrated R&D from a single vendor. We offer integrated framework covering solutions from Concept-to-Manufacturing (C2M) solutions to end-of-life maintenance and support services. enCAD Technologies has a comprehensive portfolio of complex mechanical design and engineering projects undertaken for A&D clients.

  • BIM

    Our HVAC Service Includes:

    • Load Calculation (Cooling & Heating) using HAP 4.5, Elite Software or E20 form
    • Using the ASHRAE standard to determine loads and air-flows
    • We ensure that both latent and sensible load components are accounted for in load calculations
    • Refining Estimation & Costing for a complete project

    HVAC Duct Design & its Layout

    • Determining the register locations and types, acoustic calculations,
    • ESP - pressure drop calculations (internal and external), duct lengths and connections required to produce layout given construction constraints
    • Specifying the material for ducts and their size according to SMACNA standards. Design and layout of accessories such as diffuser, dampers, grilles etc.
    • Layout of duct system on floor plan for Air-conditioning & Ventilation System, accounting for the direction of joists, roof hips, fire-walls and other potential obstructions

    Pipe sizing & its Layout

    • Calculating required water flow, pipe sizing by using McQuay, decides fittings locations and dielectric isolators where needed to design the piping system
    • Specifying piping material and criteria for pipe sizing. Layout of piping system
    • Hydraulic Calculation for Chilled Water Pump Selection, NPSH Calculations

    Ventilation & its Layout

    • Ventilation & Infiltration by ACH or CRACK Method Std. ASHRAE 62.1, ASHRAE 90.1
    • Car Parking Ventilation – Impulse & Induction
    • Kitchen Ventilation – Hood Designing
    • Toilet Ventilation – Commercial & Residential Building
    • ESP Calculations for Blower Fans
    • Exhaust Fans Selection – Performance Curve
    • Stair Well Pressurization System Designing
    • Dehumidifier Selection

    HVAC Equipment Selection & Layout

    • Sizing HVAC equipment’s to sensible load using ASHRAE standards
    • Selecting equipment’s like AHU,
    • FCU,
    • ACCU,
    • Water Cooled Condenser,
    • Air Cooled Condenser,
    • Cooling Tower,
    • Chiller Packages,
    • DX Chiller,
    • Flooded Chiller,
    • Refrigerant Coil,
    • Water Coil,
    • Package Units,
    • Chilled Water Pumps with VFD,
    • Ventilation Fans,
    • Valves and other System Accessories and its layout 

    Schedule for Equipment’s

    • Air Cooled Chillers, Pumps, Exhaust Fans, Cooling Tower Schedule
    • AHU’s, FAHU’s, FCU’s, DX Units, VAV’s, Split AC, Sound Attenuator Schedule
    • Ducting Accessories (Grilles, Diffusers, MD, FD, VCD, FAL, STL etc.) Schedule
    • Smoke Extract Fans, Duct Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Air Curtains Schedule


    • Heat & Winter Load Calculations
    • Equipment Designing & Selection its Accessories
    • HVAC Duct Designing
    • Chilled Water & Cooling Tower Pipe Designing
    • Package A/c, DX Units, Split A/c Designing
    • AHU & Pump Room Designing
    • Ventilation Designing - Toilet, Kitchen, Car Parking
    • Expansion Tank Designing
    • Stair Well Pressurization System Designing
    • Refrigerant Pipe Sizing for DX Systems
    • De-Humidifier, VAV & Sound Attenuator Designing
    • ESP Calculations for Blower Fan Selection
    • Hydraulic Calculations for CHW Pump Selection
    • Bill of Quantity, Estimation & Costing of a Project
    • Shop Drawings.
    • Schematic, Section, Isometric, Schedule Drawings


  • Product Design

     enCAD Technologies will quickly take your idea from concept, to detail design, to prototype. We do DFM to ensure design we made is acceptable for manufacturing.

  • SPM Design


    Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are designed by an experienced design and execution team. The team has successfully provided assembly automation to our clients. Special Purpose Machines (SPM) and low cost automated assembly fixtures are specifically designed to automate any assembly / material handling / inspection and testing process in an assembly or process line.


    Drop Testing Machine.


    Rubber Sheet Seperating Machine


     Hospital Inventory Pick and Place Linear Robotics

  • Engineering design

    Our expertise in mechanical and production engineering covers a vast area of designing different machinery and complex production lines as well as steel constructions. Also precision mechanical devices, robotics and mechatronics are part of our expertise. Mechanical engineering industry is one of our major customer groups.


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